Monday, November 14, 2011

She Looks Innocent

She looks innocent enough - doesn't she? Don't fall for it!

Mebrate is the last of the house to catch a little funk going around and last night she was coughing her head off. I mean - like crazy. I went in to check on her and was rocking her when she looked up and said:

"Mebrate coughing."
And then proceeded to vomit all over me. I am talking ALL over me.

Next morning I caught her bragging to Meron all about it.

Don't fall for that innocent look!

Here's to hoping she is cough-free SOON!


Debbie said...

Heidy still talks about when she puked "pink" all over me!! I do hope she is better fast!!!

Shari U said...

I think you're making the whole thing up. She's too cute to be sick!

Mayor Girod said...
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