Friday, December 23, 2011

Early Christmas Present

I got an early Christmas present this year. It came via text message and filled our house with some serious happiness. First - let me give ya some back story...

We spent Thanksgiving out in Little Rock with both of my sisters and their families. Meron and her cousin Sammy are close in age and they got a lot of playing in. You might remember this pic...

On several occasions I witnessed Sammy say something to Meron about wanting to pray - and then reaching out to hold hands and asking her to pray. She did (you know we are some praying fools around this place) and Sammy was just studying her.

On the way back to Atlanta, Laura and I talked about it and just marveled at how God built us - in His image - to desire to come back to Him. Sammy was yearning for that - wanting it - but wasn't quite sure what to do with it. And I knew my younger sister wasn't regularly attending a church or even semi-regularly for that matter.

What I did know was that she grew up in the same house that I did where Christ was NOT at the center of the family's focus (that's a different post for a different day...). So when I discovered the real Jesus - at the ripe old age of 31 - I immediately began praying for those I cared about. I mean - come on - those of us who know Him and get what He did for us - we want others to know it too, right? It's a freedom like none other... and I wanted my sisters to know it too!

After Thanksgiving I heard Wendy had gome home to NJ and her family had found a church that they were attending and digging it. I upped the prayers cuz I knew she'd be attacked - satan doesn't want someone to experience the true grace of God. So we were praying for her and her whole family - especially those kids.

On the way home from work last week I got this text message:

I could not wait to tell Laura. And Laura's joyful reaction was AWESOME! It wasn't that they were in church (we all know religion doesn't matter) - it was this statement right here:

"... it has made our hearts so much fuller this Christmas season."
Ain't that the gospel truth? That's what it does. It fills us up. Hello, Holy Spirit!

I've been riding high on this one all week. So thankful that God uses the little ones to reach us older stubborn ones! And thankful we're built the way we are and that God has the patience to wait us out...

Wendy - we are so happy for you guys and we'll keep on praying that you find that peaceful and full heart not just this Christmas season - but all year long!

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