Monday, December 26, 2011

Gifts That Give

We have an awesome friend named Jennifer who has been on both a trip to Africa with Laura and a trip to Africa with me. She also was one of the first ones signed up to go back with us in June/July of next year. Love her heart and her passion for the least.

This year she sent some Christmas gifts down for the girls that were just awesome.

There were princess outfits - cuz what little girl who is the daughter of a Heavenly King doesn't wanna dress up like the princess she is?

But there were also those envelopes the girls are holding. In each envelope was some money and there was a note from Jennifer that read:

"Meron and Mebrate - I admire both of you girls for your desire to help others and know that Jesus is so happy when we give to His children that don't have as much as we do. So, I put some money in an envelope for each of you to use to help someone else."
Uh... awesome! I read this to the girls and literally before I was done with it Meron said:
"I want to give my money to Carla and Evan to help bring their baby home from Africa."
It's almost like she TRIES to make me cry. Man - this girl and her heart. We have some friends who are in the process of adopting - they have their referral of the most precious little boy and we pray for them often. Like most adoptions - it's costing a fortune and apparently Meron has heard us talk about it around here.

I was so proud of her - but really not surprised. When she's not bossing her sister around, whining or pouting like a 4 year old - she has shown off a heart that only God could have built. I love it.

Check them out thanking Jennifer and giving a little shout out to who they are gonna help with their money (not quite sure who Mebrate is going after...)

Thanks so much Jennifer for helping us reinforce the beauty of giving...

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