Monday, December 5, 2011

Heart Healer

Meron Asher. My big girl.

My "Kinda Quick To Whine and Cry Lately" girl.

My "I knock over everything when I enter a room" girl.

My "I have a heart as big as the world" girl.

My sweet, sweet baby girl.

Tonight, I hung up the phone with a friend who lost his son without ever having the chance to hold him. And I walked directly to your room Meron. Your room that was gonna be Brighton's room.

I came in there and just looked at you. Asleep all comfy. I kissed your head. I hugged you. I whispered "I love you sweetie petey..." Like I do almost every night.

And my heart felt whole again.

You have NO IDEA the healing you have done to my heart...

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