Tuesday, December 13, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Sharing...

Mebrate has been longing for some Hello Kitty boots like Merons for a LONG TIME.

Meron's toes have been longing for some more room for a while now too.

So this weekend, I looked at Meron in the living room and said "Meron. Go get your favorite boots and give them to your sister."

She looked stunned. I didn't tell her anything about the new pair we had just bought for her - just simply asked her to give her favorite piece of her rock star outfit to her little sister.

"What Daddy?"
She seemed to be buying some time...

"Go get your Hello Kitty boots and give them to Mebrate. To keep. Forever."

What happened next surprised me - but it really shouldn't cuz the Jesus in these girls just keeps on showing up.

Meron got up - slowly at first - and went to her room. She came back out with her boots and handed them to her sister.
"Here you go Mebrate. You can have my boots."
Mebrate looked stunned and didn't believe it at first but Meron kept on and prodded her to take them. With a huge smile from ear to ear, Mebrate slid her feet out of her slippers and pulled on her "new" boots. She immediately reached down, picked up her slippers and said:
"Thank you Meron! You can have my slippers!"
Be still my heart. The size of their hearts and their love for each other just gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

That was about the time I pulled out Meron's new boots and she got to do the same thing her sister did - pull them on and prance around in excitement.

Meron - that was one HUGE display of love and selflessness girl. Beyond amazed daily that I get to be your daddy!

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Anonymous said...

geeze got my eyes watering already this morning.