Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 4: Church In Africa

The night we arrived at Cannan's they had an ALL NIGHT worship session happening in their church... it was incredible. It was as if you could feel God RIGHT THERE BESIDE YA...

But the morning after our exciting (see also: stupid) new years eve celebration was Sunday and I can't think of anything else we needed more than some more church after almost being run down by some crazy motorcyclists about 8 hours earlier!

Heading out of breakfast I bumped into this guy - Pastor Isaac - the incredibly joyful guy running Canaan's. He gave me a quick rundown of the day (kid's church for 2 hours, then worship, then we introduce ourselves, then the message is delivered... church in Africa can be long!).

And that's when he said it:

"Will somebody on your team be delivering the message for us this morning?"
Panic. Fight or flight almost kicked in. I slowly caught my breath and explained to Pastor Isaac that this would certainly not be me but that I would check with our team to see if anybody was up to the challenge.

I walked away thinking "There is NO way anybody is going to want to do this..."

Heck - it is typically hard enough to get people to pray or share a testimony or just speak in front of a larger crowd (myself included). So in my head I had already prepared the speech to Pastor Isaac about why we wouldn't be doing this but that we were excited to hear him preach...

That's when I came across Stefan.

That's him right there - and he was the first person I asked about delivering the message. His response...
"Sure... I'll do it..."
What? Come again? Wow... Tymm - ye of little faith... one of the young dudes on the team just put me right back in my place! I was excited to tell Pastor Isaac we had us a preacher!

The next few hours were spent hanging with the kids at their church - we sang with them, danced with them, prayed with them. We listened to them recite scripture from memory and share testimonies. We shared a bit with them and I got a chance to say what I say to my own two girls every night:
"You guys are NOT forgotten. God knows all of your names - they are written in the palm of His hand..."

After a pretty amazing time of worship with the kids it was time to go to grown up church. I got called up and introduced myself and said a few words about why we were here - and then let each team member introduce themselves. After some more singing and praising it was time for me to introduce Stefan and let him bring the Word.

Wow... did he ever. I was so excited for him - I felt like a proud dad.

When church let out we spent about 30 minutes hugging every person who was there and then we headed back to our rooms to rest/change before lunch. The rest of the day was spent either hanging with the kids or trying to do some shopping (which was pretty tough on New years Day).

But truthfully - all of that pales in comparison to what today was really all about...


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Way to go to Stefan!!!