Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Puffs and a Pony Hawk

Rocking some freshly done hair-dos...

And THAT my friends... is a PONY HAWK.

It lasted all of one day - but it was cool while it was here!


fuzzandfuzzlet said...

love the pony hawk! Her hair is growing so fast!

Rachel said...

Wow, looks great!

Anonymous said...

so I have read your blog for along time and have never commented, not saying that it has not touched my heart and I probably should have but these pics are SO STINKIN CUTE I just had to tell ya!! LOVe IT.....Kathy from MI.

Liesbeth Geenen said...

I've just began reading your blog and you have the cutest kids!
My daughter Rahel is now 20 months old and has big curls like your daughter Meron. So cute. But a lot of work too. Some tips?
I looove the pony hawk, thx for the inspiration..

Liesbeth from Belgium, Europe

Anonymous said...

Laauuurrraaa, my heart is bursting with pride!!!! Your girls snazzy hair do's look ahhmaaazzziiinggg!

Love ya'll, Reba