Sunday, February 19, 2012

3 Weeks!

I came in the door from work on Thursday to a "wave him in your face while freaking out" introduction to "Boo Bear."

Meron's teacher had given her this bear and the best we story we could get out of her was she was good. Was he hers to keep? Was she sure she was allowed to bring him home? Did she have to take him back?

She didn't know. So next day while picking her up, Laura did some investigative work. Meron's teacher was happy to give us the info.

Apparently - she got that bear (to keep!) because she had been so good for 3 weeks straight. 3 WEEKS! Her teacher said this basically never happens with her students. On Thursday she brought Meron up in front of the class to tell them why she was getting a bear. Meron gets a little embarrassed when we talk about it - but we asked her what all the kids did and she said:

"They cheered. And yelled and screamed."
Well dang it... that's what I wanna do too! I am so stinking proud of her. Yeah - I know. I am being obnoxious and bragging on her and all of that. But fact is - it's awesome. And it has NOTHING to do with us and EVERYTHING to do with her growing in to the person God built her to be.

She loves her bear. She knows it was a pretty big deal. Boo Bear has been elevated to a status few of her stuffed animals have seen in a while. And I love it.

Keep it up Meron! God is smiling at ya girl!

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Faith said...

"Yeah - I know. I am being obnoxious and bragging on her and all of that."
That's what daddy's are supposed to do! Keep up the good work!