Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What He Wants...

For the past 3 years or so we have been doing a nightly devotion with Meron and reading from her bible. And now Mebrate is in on it too - and they LOVE it. They would seriously flip out if we skipped it.

We read the bible, we pray like mad for them, we discuss the nature of God as we know it - but let's be honest - without the Holy Spirit recklessly invading their heart - they'd be lost right? So we pray daily for that to happen. And every now and then God gives ya a glimpse of the work He is doing.

The other day in the car Meron said:

"Daddy - turn that radio off please..."
That's usually what she says when she wants to ask me something or generally hear herself talk.

I said "What's up baby?" and she said:
"You know what God wants us to do?
Uhhh... random... "No baby - what does He want us to do?" I asked her while stealing a glimpse in the rearview mirror...
"It's easy. He wants us to pray. He wants us to sing to Him. And He wants us to read the bible. That's what He wants..."
I'm staring in the mirror at this gorgeous masterpiece of His and listening to her tell me what He wants and I am just floored. These prayers of ours - for the Holy Spirit to bombard her heart and soul - they just might be working! She sees me staring at her and I think she thinks I am weird...
"Can you turn the music back on please?"
And like that - we're right back where we were.

Thankful for the glimpses God gives me into her heart...

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ok...that video makes me happy!