Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How I'm Comfiest...

Dear Meron...

Tonight - when I got home from the store - you were already in bed with Mommy - prayers said, bible read and even an extra story book read aloud. I hopped on the bed and read Dr. Seuss's "Tadd and Todd" to ya. Then I whispered to ya - "Want me to lay with you for a minute?"

Your eyes lit up as you all but yelled:

"Mommy! Did you hear that? Daddy is going to lay with me for a minute!"
On the way out mommy shut off the light and we lay there under the stars projected on your ceiling. You told me about your day, about the new kid in your class, about the scripture you were learning...

We played a few rounds of "Guess Who's On Your Head" - you easily won. You clearly know the weight of your stuffed animals way better than I do.

Then you started getting situated for the night and you asked me to stay longer. You also said,
"Move your arm up Daddy... like this, above your head..."
I raised my left arm and you snuggled in so tight. I smiled and kept my arm straight up in the air. "Are you good?" I asked. "I just want you to be comfy."

That's when you grabbed my arm, pulled it down tight around you and said,
"Put your arm like this - tight right here. That's how I'm comfiest."
You'd be proud of your daddy Meron - I held back the tears even though those 4 little words were some of the most precious things I have ever heard.

See - I have had a weird week Meron. Daddy has let people... yeah - silly, fallen humans - get the best of him. And it has been weighing on me and wearing me down. But tonight. In one sleepy sentence - you took that all away.

You probably won't even remember this night Meron. I'll probably never forget it.

I love you girl. More than you could possibly imagine.


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I love this post..
But then, I love all your posts!!