Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prayers Of An Orphan (No More)

Laura called me this morning after dropping the girls off. Almost in tears. The good kind of tears though. She wanted to tell me about the prayers the girls said before going in to class this morning.

Meron had a pretty tough day yesterday at school - some serious punishment (for her at least) and she had struggled through the night dealing with it - she wears her emotions on her sleeve and punishment really weighs heavy on her. So this morning - she prayed this:

"God... please help mommy and daddy have a great day at work. And please help me have a better day today and help me remember to say 'sorry' to Ms. Tikuru for my behavior."
Ahhhh. I love that girl's heart and spirit. Love it to death.

Then it was her little sister's turn. And this is the one that got me. The next time you are considering the baggage you're carrying around, or the laundry list of requests ya have for God - think about this totally unprovoked, un-coached, impromptu prayer straight from the heart of an "orphan-no-more."
"God... thank you for mommy and she loves me.
Thank you for Meron and she loves me.
Thank you for Clay and she loves me.
Thank you for Daddy and she loves me.
And I just want to thank you for giving me a family.
In Jesus name."
I tear up right now typing this. Our little girl - the one who's room I just came out of after praying over her and just staring at her (I do it every night, I can't help it) - our little girl who should just be a simple, silly 3 year old (and who is MOST of the time) has thanks in her tiny little heart for God "giving her a family."

I got no issues man. ZERO. Ever. My baggage is lightweight in comparison.

In a perfect world - this little, incredible creation of God would never, ever have to say that prayer. But the world ain't perfect. And there are orphans in it. But not this one. Not any more. Yet that orphan spirit is something we will have to walk with her daily to try and shake. And we will do it. We let her know at every turn - she has a family that loves her no matter what and isn't going anywhere.

Today - in an innocent, heartfelt prayer - she let us know that she gets it.

Thank you Mebrate - for perspective.

Now... if you'll excuse me - I am going back to stare and pray...


Kari said...

Oh, what a precious post! It made me tear up, too. Blessings to your sweet family!

Pam Shaffer said...

Your girls are rockstars.

Lia Z. said...

I'm a quiet follower of your blog, but now i just had to comment.
that prayer of Mebrate made me cry. what a blessing she is and what a blessing you are as a family!
anyone who thinks international adoption is not good for the child should just go ahead and read that prayer. it speaks volumes.
God bless you! (even more :)

Levi Benkert said...

Thank so much for sharing this beautiful prayer.