Tuesday, April 24, 2012

His Heart For Details...

We never held Brighton. We never even saw him in the flesh. He owned our hearts from every angle, but we just never got the earthly blessing of loving ON him. Oh we loved him. Just not ON him.

Some people question it all because we never held him. Those people are silly.

Just because we never held him doesn't mean we didn't love him with every ounce of love we could muster.

We celebrated little things in his life...

Like painting his room. The room that is now Meron's and has Brighton watching over it from the wall.

We filled up a dresser full of clothes for him.

Most of them are still there. We look at them from time to time but can't get rid of them.

And then there was this little revelation this week. I mean - I guess we always knew this - but this week He helped us KNOW it.

I have overheard Meron talking a lot about Brighton lately. She has had questions about him and I have heard her taking our answers and processing through them as she "explains" it to Mebrate.

And that's when God whispered to us (loudly):

"She knew him."
What God? Wait... huh? What...?

And suddenly - some simple facts I have known for years - came slamming down on me this week.

Meron and Brighton spent 10 days together in Enat Alem orphanage before Brighton passed away. His last 10 days. We know they shared some of the same clothes. For all we know - they shared a crib from time to time.

Meron has been such an instrument of healing in this house for years and now God just upped her ante - the only Hoffman to have possibly spent time with Brighton.

"She knew him."
His love for His children and His heart for the details in their lives will NEVER EVER stop amazing me.

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Rachel Goode said...

Absolutely incredible.