Monday, May 21, 2012

4 Years of Healing....

It started 4 years ago today. The healing in our house... in our hearts.

4 years ago today a judge in a court 8,000 miles away said "Yep - you guys are the parents of this little girl right here...."

And from that point forward - this little girl became an instrument of healing in our home. She has NO IDEA how God used her to work away and lessen the hurt and pain we had experienced. No idea.

Meronator - we celebrate this day cuz it's a special day for us and for you. Like we always say - God gave us you when we needed you most and He gave you us when you needed us most.

When I got home tonight from a meeting she had waited up for me and I got to put her to bed. I lay there beside her and she said:

"Nope daddy. You aren't leaving."
And she promptly crawled completely on top of me, covered herself and fell asleep. As her breathing got heavier and heavier I knew she was falling deeper alseep - and I was glad.

I wouldn't have to explain to her that these tears - the ones I couldn't stop - they were happy ones...

Happy 4 Year Family Day Baby Girl!

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Anonymous said...

I wish you all so many more!!!!