Monday, May 7, 2012

And All Was Well

I had a flag football game go way late tonight - wasn't home til around 10:45 PM. I had a paper due for school by midnight (MST) and three discussion questions to do. I am behind on reading for my CLC bible study. And my tentmaking workload is kinda heavy.

I was threatening to be stressed out. But then I went in to kiss the girls. Meron was OUT - snoozing like she'd never slept before. And I expected the same from Mebrate cuz it was so late.

But instead - she looked up at me with the sweetest little sleepy smile and said:

"Hi dah-dee! You came to see me! I love you so much..."
And just like that - stress is gone. And all was well.

Thankful to see Him in them every night...

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Laura Kirkland said...

The Kirklands would like to order a tent. 6 man. How much?