Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Colliding Worlds

Recently the girls got the chance to hang out with Sami, a young friend of ours (and friend of a LOT of folks who have done any visiting or serving in Ethiopia) from Addis Ababa. What a blessing.

They've hung out, had breakfast and most recently went swimming.

We asked him to talk to Mebrate in Amharic for us. Her response?

"What ees dat? I don't know what he is saying?"
Sigh. We don't know enough of the language to keep her going. All I can help her say is "Pee," "car" and "thank you." Not all that helpful.

I love when our world here in the states collides with the world we love in Ethiopia. It's just cool.


Anonymous said...

How is Sami in the US? How exciting! Is he staying? Catch me up with the news.
NC Granny

Anonymous said...

In a strange way... Mebrate kind of looks like your wife! Both adorable!!

Kelley said...

Hey....I saw Sammy too. Small, small world, it is.