Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shiro Wat

They say smell is one of the strongest triggers for memory. Wanna know what brought out that sweet smile on our girl tonight?

Shiro Wat!

Shiro What? Shiro Who?

Shiro Wat is a common traditional food in Ethiopia eaten with injera (a spongy bread) and we are blessed to have met a wonderful woman from Ethiopia who works in the hotel attached to Laura's complex at work. And today - she came bearing gifts...

Homemade shiro wat and injera! Man, Mebrate was so pumped. You could tell she recognized the smell and the taste.

She was killing it!

She pounded down 3 plates in a heartbeat and loved every minute of it. I am pretty sure I have never seen her like that - she was just beaming and glowing. She said:

"Thank you mommy! For surprising me!"
So awesome to watch her connect with a tiny little piece of her heritage.

And big sister Meron was an AWESOME sport - she wasn't feeling it (it's kind of an acquired taste) - but she gave it a shot and you could tell it made Mebrate so happy.

Meron ended up going the route of pizza - and I told her not to worry - pizza is a staple in Addis as well!

Love doing life with these girls...

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