Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Day The Healing Started

4 years ago today my best friend in the world and I got on a plane and headed to Ethiopia. We had a lot of baggage - and it wasn't all suitcases.

We were hurting. After a few tumultuous years - we were just beat down and our hearts felt broken. A few things had gotten a good grip on us.

Things like infertility. An insane slowdown in adoptions from China (where our paperwork was sitting). Things like our son dying before we could get him home from Africa.

We got off the plane excited but nervous. Confident but terrified. Happy but broken. We went directly to visit Brighton's grave and had our hearts shredded in person. That was tough. Super tough.

Then we drove a short distance to an overcrowded orphanage and with little to no pomp or circumstance a nanny wandered in and handed us... MERON!

It was as if God had placed an IV directly into our hearts as we coud literally feel ourselves starting to heal. He had been behind us all along - hadn't He? He had our backs... He knew what He was about to do when He had positioned this whole thing. And now we knew it.

He had given us Meron when we needed her most and He gave her us when she needed us most. That's what we always tell her!

We became a family INSTANTLY! And from that day forward an incredible healing took place (and still is) in our hearts. We grew stronger as a family, in our marriage, in our relationship with God. We grew confident in Him. He had shown His faith and love to us and we couldn't shut up about it.

Today - we celebrated. We spent a LOT of time hugging that girl, telling her about her "gotcha day" and showing her tons of pictures. We had us some Christian chicken for lunch and some awesome friends who were there and knew what this day was treated the girls to some ice cream. Meron was starting to dig this day. A lot.

I even got the opportunity to talk to her seriosuly about the reality of her in our lives - about the hurt her mommy and daddy had in their hearts and how God used her to heal it. I actually think she undestood some of it too...

We capped the night off with a Yogli Mogli visit - cuz honestly - it's not a celebration without some Yogli... and before we dug in to our yogurt, Mebrate prayed this precious prayer:

"God... i just wanna thank you for my family and for my mommy and daddy coming to Africa to pick me up and pick up Meron. And I wanna thank you for Meron's gotcha day too. And mine coming soon. In Jesus name. Amen."
Amen is right Mebbie. Amen is right.

Meron - you were a light when we desperately needed light in our dark and broken world. And you haven't stopped shining since...


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Erin Martin said...

I don't normally tear up over blog posts, but this one has me in tears! What a beautiful thing family is!