Monday, June 11, 2012

Georgia Lost Some Good Ones

Let me tell ya a little story - about this really cool family we had "met" online and loved - they had the best attitude and we're always upbeat and funny. Then - to our surprise - they moved to GA!

We hung out and frolicked in the sun, splashing in kiddie pools and enjoying lime and grape freeze pops together...

Awesome isn't it? Except... wait... none of that happened. Well - they did move to GA. See...?

But then us - in our awesomely stupid busy and lazy splendor - never took the time to hang out, have fun, connect, break bread. All the stuff we SHOULD have done.

We missed out on these two - who look like they could be long lost relatives - getting to know each other better.

We missed out on great photo opportunities like this...

But mostly - we missed out on an incredible opportunity to cultivate a friendship with some people I KNOW we would have gotten along perfectly with.

Guys - it goes without saying we totally regret not making this connection earlier - like NOT 10 days before you leave to go back to Washington state.

But here's where I am gonna live on this one - God is sovereign and way bigger than us - and I believe we met online and in person for a reason. So find a Sugar Shack equivalent in Seattle cuz we're coming for a visit (preferably when I can do some snowboarding!)...

Teabo Tribe - thanks for being a really cool, really down-to-earth example of God's love. We mean this... we're gonna miss ya.

Georgia is losing some good ones in the next few weeks.

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