Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mission Trip: Day #1

For the first time since we went to bring Meron home - Laura and I will be stepping foot back on African soil together... this time - to lead a short term team of 28 people to Rwanda and Ethiopia. We've been blessed to have everything fall in place with the girls hanging with granny, good friends staying at our house and time off from work.

So - if you're the praying type - we'll have our itinerary here for each day and you can help us pray this thing into success!

Today kicks off with 10 of the team members making their way to Washington D.C. Ethiopian airlines flies out of Dulles airport and some team member's domestic flights couldn't get them there the day of the flight in time - so we get to spend an evening together before we head out in the morning.

Our prayers?

  • Safe travels for those making their way to D.C.
  • All luggage makes it with no issues or extra charges
  • Great bonding evening for those team members who are together
  • Peaceful evening for those other team members finishing up packing and telling those they love goodbye
  • For God to already be working in the hearts of not only the team members but also all of the individuals we will interact with during our short time in Africa.
Thank you so much for coming on this trip with us through the most important part of the trip - PRAYER.


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Jess said...

My prayers are with you and all of those traveling and ministering with you! Be blessed as you travel and make His Name known.

In His Name,
Jessica in Michigan