Friday, June 22, 2012

Rite Of Passage

I feel like we had one tonight. A rite of passage. Bath time came around and Meron convinced me to let this happen...

Her first "by herself, all alone" shower. I felt like she grew up 20 years in one fell swoop.

The only saving grace? The entire time I was peppered from the inside of the closed shower stall with questions like:

"What do I do?"
"Just stand under the water, lather up, rinse, repeat..."
"What does 'repeat' mean?"
"Do it again."
"It's getting in my eyes!"
"Keep 'em shut or don't look right at it!"
"What if I slip and fall?"
"Just hold on to the rail and be super careful... you got this..."
"I'm taking a big girl shower!"
"I know girl - Daddy is super proud of you!"
"Daddy. Don't go anywhere. You stay right there."
"I'm not going anywhere Meron...

And she did it. She lathered up, rinsed, repeated. Shut the water off, got all dried off by herself. She went and got all "big girl" on me for a second.

This is far from the new bath time routine though. Mainly because I love giving the girls their baths. Even if we speed through them at the speed of light - I LOVE that time to bond with them and take care of them.

But tonight - I let that go. And it was was well worth it to see the joy on her little face as she grew up for a split second.

Lather, rinse, repeat, Meron. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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