Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Prayers Are Powerful

Before bedtime here we always huddle up and we each get the chance to pray out loud. It's honestly one of my favorite times of the day - I love it.

The other night Meron kicked us off and when she finished, she pumped her fists in the air and said:

"My prayers are POWERFUL!"
And by "said" I mean she yelled it. She believed it and she meant it.

I asked her where she learned that, who had told her that? She pointed at me and Laura and said:
"From you guys. You taught me that."
But we've never used those words with her. We've told her God listens to her, that she isn't forgotten, that He wants to hear from her and that He cares about her. We've stressed the importance of prayer to her.

But we've never said it that way.

That was all her and the Holy Spirit in her heart.

Thank you God for a reminder I needed from a 4 year old who gets it.

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Stacie said...

LOVE it!!!! GO MERON!! and GO TYMM and LAURA!!!