Sunday, July 22, 2012

Personal Prayer Warrior

Tonight at prayer time Laura called an audible and said "Okay - we're going in a circle - I am praying for Meron, Meron is praying for Daddy, Daddy is praying for Mebbie and and Mebbie is praying for Mommy..."

I love that the girls are always game for whatever we throw at them. Mommy nailed a prayer for our girl Meron and then it was Meron's turn - with zero hesitation she said:

"God... thank you for daddy. Thank you that he is my daddy and thank you that he loves me so much. Take care of daddy. In Jesus name. Amen."
I ain't gonna lie - my softie side almost bust out in tears...

There is nothing - NOTHING - like an innocent child dropping a truly heartfelt prayer for you.

Humbled and blessed.

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