Monday, July 23, 2012

UPDATE: Fekerte

I wanted to give an update to all those who supported our girl Fekerte and contributed to getting her into a boarding school outside of Addis a couple years ago when Laura met her in Korah. On this most recent trip, the boarding school was out and Fekerte was back in Korah! We were pumped to see her...

And we were blessed to be able to go do a home visit with about 9 members of our team to her home...

We walked quite a ways down this road in a HEAVY rain to get to her house... but it was WELL worth it!

Fekerte was super excited to show us the room where the entire family sleeps and to show off the bag we had sent her that was in there.

On a side note - when I visited the family 1.5 years ago - they were only in one small room - this year they are in TWO rooms - so things are going good for them!

We met her younger sister Harge - who has a smile that will light up the darkest corner of the world - I mean - she was beaming - ALL THE TIME.

Then her mother came out and was so welcoming and loving to us as she immediately showed her servants heart by starting a traditional coffee ceremony right there...

Complete with the oddly delicious popcorn that always accompanies the coffee there. LOVED IT!

Over coffee we got to chat with her mom and we asked where her father was (I had met him on my last visit there and he had been out of work). Well - another praise - her dad was AT WORK. Love how God is working in their lives.

After chatting it up some more we had to get a "family picture!"

And then - in true Camp Hoffman style - we went straight for the group hug. Which probably scared them to death... but we LOVED it.

The next day we were able to purchase about a month's worth of staples for the family (coffee, teff, rice, corn, oils, etc) and had the privilege of dropping it off.

Her mom was SO excited again and almost whipped up another coffee ceremony! We were richly blessed in the short amount of time we were able to spend with them...

Big, huge "thank you" to everybody who initially donated and helped us get her tuition and other requirements paid for to get her in boarding school. The rates have increased as inflation has hit Ethiopia HARD - but rest assured we are committed to seeing her through her education at the school - and a passionate friend and team member is already working on her younger sister's situation.

God - my simple prayer for this family is that your will be done in and through them and that you continue to bless them in the ways that you already have.


Anonymous said...

She is so pretty. Thank you, I have wondered what happened to her.


La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

So, so neat to see a follow-up. What a gift for you to see her again.