Thursday, August 16, 2012

Africa Next Year?

When ya tell a little prayer warrior that you're gonna be praying about something - especially about something she desperately wants to happen - well heck - I should have known she'd be spending some time praying...

When I walked into her classroom yesterday to pick the girls up their teacher motioned toward Meron and said:

"She going to Africa next year?"
I caught Meron out of the corner of my eye just smiling and smiling as I said "Jury is still out on that one - we're praying about it..."

Her teacher looked at Meron and said:
"Oh I know! We all know! She has us all praying about it!"
I looked over at Meron and she was just grinning...

Then her teacher said:
"Matter of fact - today Mebrate was called up front to pray and when she was done Meron called her over and whispered something in her ear and then Mebrate came back up to the front and said..."
"God - I just wanna pray for Meron and that she gets to go to Africa next year with mommy and daddy and I stay home with Granny. In Jesus name. Amen."
Working every angle ain't ya Meron?

I love, love, love that she believes in the power of prayer like that.

Never, ever lose that sweetie. Ever.

P.S. we're still praying about Africa!


Aaron Harrison said...

can Meron pray that I get to go to? haha

Unknown said...

LOVE this! The Dinosaur is so confident that he is getting a brother that EVERY. TIME he prays he says "and thank you God for my brudder."

Ah, there's a reason why HE says to come to him as children.