Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another First

We made it here early this afternoon to check another thing off the "firsts" list.

See - a certain little somebody has never had her toes in the water, her bootie in the sand (sorry Zac Brown Band, we're g-rated 'round these parts!)...

And she was LOVING it.

Heck - even big sis Meron has only been one other time and she was like 10 months old. So it was a big time for both of them.

We jumped waves.

We built sand castles.

We buried feet.

We wrecked sand castles.

We freaked out together over sea weed touching us.

We came back to the house and swam another hour in the pool.

We ate an incredible dinner put together by an incredible mommy.

And then - most of us looked like this:

It was an incredibly awesome start to our week at the beach and a blessed day for sure.

Because unfortunately... it might be our last day as well.

See - now we're dealing with this:

And things ain't looking so hot for where we are sitting right now. So we'll play the morning by ear - HOPEFULLY get a little bit more beach time - and chances are - we're packing up and heading out.

But - by God - we'll head out safely as a family and we will make the most of every second together.

It's all about the time we spend together - not how or where we do it.

But - for the record - ice cream for breakfast will hopefully help ease the pain of it all...

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Anonymous said...

Tymm, you did tell them about actual fish swimming in the same water...not to mention the sharks? I think being a Dad has made you brave to these old nemesis' of yours!! Lol, have a safe and fun trip!
Brig and Tony