Monday, August 6, 2012

Help Us Feed 'Em!

We don't talk a whole lot on here about Brighton Their World - for a couple reasons.

A) you guys are probably hit up quite a bit to take part in something - we really don't wanna add to that and annoy ya!

B) You guys have been INCREDIBLY generous without us really talking about it here!
But this time - with this project - we had to holler about it here. If for no other reason than to let anybody else who wants to take part - jump in!

So - we have a cool project that kinda got worked out while we were over there this last trip and we have the opportunity to be part of feeding 500+ kids a celebratory meal on three major holidays in Ethiopia (New Years, Christmas and Easter). Each meal costs $3,500 total - and it gets 'em a lot!

We're pumped and dedicated to it - and our first $3,500 is due in the hands of our friends on the ground in Ethiopia by September 1. So we're hustling!

But rather than me waste your time here with all the details - go check out the page we set up for more details and if ya feel like ya wanna partner with us - COME ON!

There's been a lot of prayer, a lot of patience and a lot of trust-building that has gone in to this. We're pretty pumped to be a tiny part of it!

So come along on a wild journey with us while we try to bring a little sunshine to these kids and Brighton Their World a little bit!

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Janie said...

I was happy to donate a little bit - as always you are doing good work!