Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mebbie Day

Today we celebrated "Mebbie Day." The actual day was the 14th but our week was nuts so we held off even mentioning it to her until last night.

What's Mebbie Day, you ask? Well that's the day Mebrate came home to be a permanent part of our family. And we celebrate the heck outta those days around here.

So today - we celebrated that nutty little Hoffman up there.

And we made sure to let her know throughout the day how incredibly happy and blessed we are that she made our family photo look like this:

Man I remember it like it was yesterday when she came cruising up the escalator with Laura at the big, huge, overcrowded Atlanta airport - she was looking pretty terrified.

We relive it often here cuz both Mebbie and Meron love to watch the video over and over and over (shhhhh! truth is - Laura and I do too!) You can check it out below if ya wanna (I'm gonna pause and watch it for like the 7,345,923rd time).

Wow - it is crazy for me to think it has only been a year - seems like that little girl has been around forever. I guess she kinda has - God etched her on our hearts when He put us together.

But she bonded, adapted and became a Hoffman so quick it was NUTS! Looking back at Day 1 and then the incredible smiles on Day 2 and it just floors me.

Or then I'll compare these pictures. And it just blows me away.

See that picture right there just reeks of the redemption that God is in the business of. I mean - we are some spoiled rotten people around here to have literally watched it live itself out right in front of our eyes. He is ALL ABOUT REDEMPTION. He is all up in the middle of it.

And we are blessed by the living, breathing reminders of it every single morning. I often thought that feeling might diminish or go away. It hasn't. Not one bit. It's only gotten stronger.

So tonight - at our celebratory dinner (we let them pick and we go chow down!) - Meron and Mommy had gone to the bathroom and Mebbie and I were enjoying some good conversation. She was beaming smiling like she almost always is and she looked at me and said:

"You know why I am so happy and smiling?"
I said "Tell me why Mebbie..." and she said:
"Because it's Mebbie Day daddy! It's my day!"
She was about to burst with happiness. I said "Well - what is Mebbie Day? Can you tell me what it means?" She didn't even hesitate when she said:
"It's when we are happy because I came here to stay forever and not go back to Africa!"
After assuring her she was definitely here to stay and some quick discussion about Africa and how we LOVE it and how we'll always go back there to work and visit and help - she looked at me and said:
"I will go back to Africa one day though Daddy. To pick up some babies..."
And she just smiled that huge, sweet, adorable, heart-melting Mebrate smile.

And she's lucky we were in public surrounded by a bunch of people - or this guy here would have been weeping.

We prayed for so long before she came home for God to do the work on her heart that we were missing out on - to just go ahead and make her a Hoffman before she even came home.

He did that and so much more. She is part of this family and a Hoffman to the core.

Happy Mebbie Day girl! You have made us all better people and we can't wait to celebrate these days for years and years and years to come!

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