Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Orphan Spirit

You can read a lot about the "orphan spirit" that a child can embody when they come home after spending some time in an orphanage. And I know it exists and it happens and there are tons of theories on how to approach it and love them through it and all of that.

We've experienced some things but truth be told - we've been blessed. I fully believe we worked through a LOT of ours on the front end - on our knees praying for Mebrate from the day we got her name and picture until a year later when she came home (which - incidentally - happened to be a year ago yesterday!).

So I say all that to say this - we believe in it - we just don't want to perpetuate it around our house. So we don't chalk much up to "life in an orphanage" and we just tend to love hard and strong through most things.

She's been home a year and it feels like forever - and so it can be easy to let things like the "orphan spirit" fade to the background. I was reminded of the reality of that spirit today.

The girls started school this week and today - the day I am always privileged to get them dressed and get them to school - was their first chapel day.

They were looking DOPE! FRESH! FLY!

And Meron - in all her "big girl" glory was quick to tell me "I can get dressed myself daddy!" so I went in Mebbie's room to help her out.

As we put each piece of her chapel day outfit on, buttoning up her shirt, smoothing it out, putting on her little tie, centering it, getting her dress on right - as we did each piece... well... her smile seemed to grow bigger and bigger and bigger. Until it almost swallowed her face and she was standing a little taller. A little prouder. All because of a dress of her own.

She was quite literally beaming. And then I remembered two days earlier when i had shown her the big stack of school supplies that were hers and watched the same radiant smile spread across her face as she said "Those are all mine daddy? My own?" and then ran to tell her sister that she had her own... pencils.

We take so much for granted. So so much. And in that moment today - as I pulled her in for a gigantic, inescapable bear hug and just squeezed her for what seemed like forever - I realized the orphan spirit can be deeper seeded than imagined.

We'll continue to not perpetuate it around here - we believe she was BUILT for the moment she is in and that included her path to us. But I will be more aware of the fact that the spirit isn't completely gone - and may never be.

Mebbie - I bet I get so much wrong on this whole daddy-ing thing but I know this much - I'mma keep loving you through anything you need loved through - and I'll keep growing and learning in the process!

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Comment? Hardly ever, BUT, today, just, AMEN!!!!

Your family is truly beautiful!!