Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wanna Come?

Our church has kicked off a new campaign where everybody who calls North Metro "home" is challenged to invite somebody to church with them. The leadership wants "100% involvement."

Well - no worries around here - as Meron was more than willing to get going with this.

She had been brainstorming on it Sunday and Monday and she asked a few questions about how she was supposed to do it... Laura was awesome about explaining it to her - she said "You thump them about the head and shoulders with a bible and guilt them into going...."

KIDDING! She told Meron to just invite whoever she wanted to and give them the card. It was that easy.

So this morning at school she grabbed her card and said:

"I know who I am asking!"
They all headed in to the school and Meron walked up to her friend Savannah. After hugging like they do every day, Meron handed her the card and said
"Would you like to come to church with me?"
And boom - it was done.

And truth be told - she had just done what most of us won't even attempt.

But she didn't stop there. She already has two more cards ready for tomorrow and I picked up some more tonight at bible study - cuz she's on fire!

I get it God. Please don't ever think these daily life lessons are lost on me.

I wanna be more like her. More like you.

In Atlanta and wanna join us on a Sunday? Holler at us - we'll meet ya in the parking lot and even sit with ya!

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