Saturday, September 22, 2012

Agent of Change

Meron ~

Tonight mommy and I had the rare chance to go out on a "date" while you and Mebbie stayed home with Granny. Our date involved good dinner and great conversation as we mapped out what we were going to share about Brighton Their World next week with some cool people who have really stood strong with us.

As usual, we got to the part of our story where you came in. And as usual, your big, wimpy daddy couldn't hold back the tears. I dunno why girl - but it makes me weep everytime I think of how God used you... little tiny you... little tiny 8-month old you... to heal a hurt in a couple of broken hearts that was so deep they thought they would never see healing. Yep - you were an agent of change in our lives.

That's how much God loves your mommy and me - He wanted us to heal. But think about how highly He thinks of you Meron! Yes - He wanted our hearts to heal - and what did He choose to do it with? His love poured out into our lives through you.

We got home tonight and you were asleep on the couch with Granny. Snoring. I smiled as I watched mommy and me somewhat compete for who got to grab you. Mommy won and she cuddled you in her arms - I don't think you ever woke up. Then she let me carry you to bed. And again - as I tucked you in - my heart did what it does every single night. It fluttered a little and I thanked God for you. Again.

Meron - I hope you never, ever, ever struggle with self-worth in your life. I hope you will one day understand that your creator - the God who made you and me and mommy and Brighton and Mebbie... He assigned a worth to you before you were even born that has made LIFE-SAVING difference in the lives of us.

Thank you, girl. I love you so much...


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