Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meron and Mommy Day

Today - Laura decided to keep Meron outta school to have a little one on time - they deemed it Meron and Mommmy Day! (M&M Day)... And they documented it on Laura's phone.

After dropping sissie off at school they hit mommy's favorite morning spot - Starbucks - or StizzleBizzle as we like to call it...

Next - it was an oil change for the car! Exciting!

Then - what they had both been waiting for... GETTING THEIR TOES DID!

Meron's finished product was looking pretty dope!

Afterwards - it was off to lunch together...

Chile's was their spot!

It didn't take long for Meron to crash out hard tonight after a fun day of hanging with mommy!

So thankful to be married to a superstar like Laura who wants to do this kind of stuff with her girls. You're up next week Mebbie!

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