Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Got The Monsters...

Dear Meron ~

You look so grown up in this picture - it floors me how fast you're growing! You're so quick to want to do everything on your own (and good at it too) that sometimes I start to feel a little sad about you not needing this goofy old dad to help ya out any more...

And then nights like last night happen. You cried out across your monitor at 2:48 AM so I came to see what was wrong. I found you sleepy but silently crying. I crawled on the bed to hold you and you wrapped your arms TIGHT around my neck and said through your sleepy state of half awareness :

"It was a dream... a bad dream. About monsters..."
I held you tight for about 15 minutes until your grip loosened and your breathing was heavy. I kissed ya on the forehead and whispered in your ear, "You okay baby?" as I rolled ya out and off of my arm. I didn't expect it - but I heard a barely audible:
"I think so daddy. Yes... I think so..."
Ya know what Meron? Yo go for it on those things ya wanna do! Get your own water. Brush your own teeth. Help set the table and clear it after dinner. Get dressed all alone. Feed Clay Bear. Take a shower. You can do all that stuff...

But I got the monsters. Always.

I love you baby girl.

Love, Daddy

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