Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sakes Alive - That Girl Is Five!

5 years ago today God deemed it fit to bless this planet with a little bundle that would be called Meron. The rest is history as this little girl has wrecked our world, taught us how to love, how to live and has helped us chase God in ways we never imagined possible.

And though we aren't celebrating her birthday with a party until next weekend - we decided to make today as special as we could. Cuz this little 5 year old deserved it! Here's what went down...

Meron woke up early to me and Laura tickling her and singing a Hoffmanized freestyle version of "Happy Birthday."

Oh - and she woke up to a house full of balloons too!

100 of them to be exact (99 now - we had one casualty). And she couldn't stop smiling!

Next we got dressed for school (it was picture day so chapel gear was being rocked) and headed to a little Birthday Breakfast at Chick Fil A. 3 Chicken Minis and some tater-tot jelly sandwiches later and our girl was feeling full and happy!

Later that afternoon we headed to school to do a birthday party with 46 of her classmates (yes, 46 of 'em)...

Pretzels, juiceboxes and mini cupcakes were on the menu - and my favorite part of this was how Meron's servant heart was just shining on display. She served each and every one of her classmates before she even considered sitting down...

I finally convinced her to grab a seat and she let me serve her...

After the school party we headed home, changed some clothes and let the Meronator dive in to a few presents from Mebrate and mommy and daddy...

She was in heaven and FULL OF LOVE for the family... especially her sister.

When she was done - we acted like that was it... but it wasn't.

We headed outside to play and I hit the garage door opener to let it go up and reveal her big girl bike that mommy and I got her.

To say she was pumped up would be an understatement.

Of course we HAD to have some impromptu riding lessons right then and there. And to be honest - she seems to be getting it already!

Before it got much later we headed out to Meron's choice for dinner - Mellow Mushroom!

A few slices in and we were ready to go all "Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Polka Dot... AFRO!"

Next it was home for another round of singing, candles and cake...

Meron wasted no time extinguishing that flame and getting right in to the cake and ice cream!

Bedtime was on us before we knew it. A few weeks ago she had asked me if on her birthday I would slumber party in her room with her. She has a memory like an elephant and she came over and whispered it in my ear and asked if I was going to do that. There's NO WAY I could deny that. Soon enough she'll want nothing to do with me I am sure - so that's where this night is ending up for me. Slumber party in a twin bed. I'd do it again and again and again for her...

Meron - I simply cannot believe you are 5 years old already. You were created with a reason and a purpose and God has NEVER EVER forgotten you (palm of His hand, remember?).

God has done so much in and through you in your 5 short years - I can't wait to see what else He has in store for you over the next 5.

Happy birthday Big girl - your family loves you so much!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Meron. I remember you in your crib playing. I find it hard to believe you are 5 too.
Many more Meron, many more.


Jennifer Delamarter said...

Happy birthday, Meron!!

-A Blessed Reader