Sunday, November 25, 2012

Skyping Cousins

We got some great cousins scattered about the country. Tonight I gotta brag on two of 'em...

My Skype "dinged" today with this message from my 15 year old cousin. He was taking it upon himself to stay in touch with us - not letting miles keep us out of each other's lives. LOVE IT!

I told the girls about it and they were pumped. They ALWAYS have stuff to share, show and laugh about with their cousins.

So at 8:00 pm sharp we dialed them up and let the goofiness begin! And there sat my 15 year old nephew and my 18 year old niece - on a Sunday night - with their parents GONE - and they are choosing to take time out of their lives to pour into OUR lives.

I love these guys.

Meron was loving it too. She adores her cousins. Mebbie does too but didn't still long enough for a photo!

Ya think she enjoyed it? I do.

Thanks a ton Will and Ansley - we can't wait for next week!

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