Friday, December 21, 2012

A New Season

Today was a tough day. It was a great day and marked the beginning of a new season for us - but it was tough too - because today we picked the girls up for the last time from their school. We're gonna be starting a new approach after the new year and this was the end of a good run at their current school.

When we got there - it was a full on dance party. It's easy to see why the girls LOVE their teachers. That's Ms. Tikuru in the striped shirt just breaking it down with them. Heck - she got me excited!

I cannot say enough good about Ms. Tikuru. She LOVES our girls. She has poured so much love, truth, knowledge and goodness into both of them over the last few years. And today was tough for her too...

And her love for our girls is clearly evident. At one point she left the room in tears - leaving all the other little kids yelling "Ms. Tikuru, why are you crying?"

She has been patient, caring, trustworthy, loving and all-around amazing. At times - we debated leaving the school for one reason or another - and it ALWAYS came back to teachers like Ms. Tikuru and others who made it worth staying.

And we can't forget Ms. Chisholm either! She makes up the other half of the dynamic duo teaching the girls this year. She has gone above and beyond when it comes to our girls - from helping me with hair when Laura was outta country to just being there to love on them - we have always felt like our girls were in the loving hands of people who cared about them. And for that we are grateful.

After a bunch of hugs from tons of their little buddies and some seriously heart-tugging goodbyes - we pulled their names off of their desks and headed out.

Thanks guys - for a seriously incredible run and for just loving our family through your work with our girls. It will never be forgotten and you have helped us establish an incredible foundation for them to grow on.

We won't be strangers - watch for us sneaking in on Chapel Days to get some worship on!

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