Saturday, December 15, 2012

CookieFest 2012

Granny + Girls + Christmas = COOKIEFEST at our house!

Laura and I snuck out for a rare run together and while we were gone the girls went crazy with cookies, icing and all kinds of decorations!

And judging from the faces on these two...

I think they had a good time! They were eager to show me two particular cookies they had made...

Meron showed me this one that was a work of art titled "Me and Daddy." If I could keep that forever, I am pretty sure I would.

Then Mebbie showed me this one with this description:

"This is a nanny and a baby in an orphanage in Ethiopia..."
Africa and their stories never seem to be far from her mind. LOVE IT!

Great job girls! Daddy can't wait to eat them all!

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