Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mission Minded Friends

I am so blessed by the people God keeps bringing in to my life. I worry about raising our girls to do right by God and by their fellow man - both neighbors and nations - and then I have that worry doused as we get to be around and soak in the lives of people like Jill and Kelsey.

Who are Jill and Kelsey? They were two awesome team mates of mine when we all went to Uganda and Kenya earlier this year. And about two months ago they let me know they were coming to Georgia... for WORLD RACE TRAINING!

I can't think of two better people to head out with as much faith as they can fit in a backpack and take Jesus to the nations. And here's where we get to partner with them. We can pray our faces off for them while they're out there - cuz they'll need it. But we can also support them financially. They have shoestring budgets on these trips but they still have to raise it all. So - if you feel like this is something you can do - check out their blogs below to contribute to their journey and to follow along as they go:

Jill's Blog -

Kelsey's Blog -
If ya choose to support them - let them know! They will need the encouragement for sure!

Jill. Kelsey. We are SO proud of you guys and it's such a privilege to know you! We'll be praying for you guys and cannot wait to see how this impacts you and those you touch!


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