Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Worth It

I've been working a whole bunch lately. Stayed home from Africa this December to have a chilled out Christmas with the girls and it seems like EVERYTHING is trying to stop that from happening.

So tonight I found myself away from the house again - feverishly trying to wrap up a project. Things weren't going my way and I was getting frustrated. And this is one area where being a follower of Christ has been incredibly effective (and advantageous) in my life...

I could feel that stress coming - that tension. I knew it was on its way and I knew what satan wanted it to do to me. Derail me. Anger me. Make me frustrated beyond belief. So I stopped. Stopped what I was doing - and asked for some prayer.

Seconds later I got this:

Not only did my best friend, prayer warrior partner Laura stop and pray - but so did Meron! And then almost at the exact same time I got some unprovoked, impromptu encouragement from some friends.

The stress was easing! And then - as I was diving back in to work - I got this email from Laura's phone:

And all it said was "It's worth it."

The smile spread across my face before I could even think about stifling it. Stress was gone. She was right. It WAS worth it.

Thanks Laura - for a much needed reminder of why we do what we do on a day to day basis...

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