Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Africa In Her

Mebbie has her African roots deep-seeded in her. More so than Meron. Don't get me wrong - Meron knows where she was born and she loves her some Africa. But with Mebbie - it's a deeper part of her.

Over the weekend she was getting dressed and I heard her rummaging through some boxes in her room. She came out and said:

"Daddy - theres this African shirt in my room. I wish I could wear it."
She had found one of the outfits we had purchased on one of our trips over there and tucked away. It was kinda small... but the look on her face told me we had to try...

We struggled to get it over her head - at one point she even said:
"I don't think it's gonna work Daddy..."
And I heard the disappointment in her tone.

I said "Come on girl - we can get this over this big ole beautiful hair..."

And we pushed and pulled (Meron even helped)... and then it was on. And she was BEAMING.

She wore it all day and as we undressed and climbed into our jammies - she handed me the shirt and said:
"I wish I could wear it to bed. I wish I could wear it all the time."
Sweet girl - I LOVE that you love Africa. We promise to make sure and support that love forever Mebbie...

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