Saturday, February 23, 2013

God's Miracles

Laura said it best tonight during family prayer when she said:

"God, thank you for letting us hang out with one of your little miracles today..."
Our friends' little boy had to have brain surgery earlier this week. Yeah - you read that right... brain surgery. He had it Tuesday and was home yesterday. Medical capabilities never cease to amaze me.

The girls had been praying a lot for him and we were excited to take a meal and welcome them home today.

When we got there - he was outside with his family, dressed in a Batman outfit. Love it! By the time we were leaving he was rocking green and black striped pajama bottoms and a tool belt talking about:
"Check out my real tools! In my real tool box!"
In other words - he was just being a kid hanging out with other kids.

The girls had a bunch of questions tonight about it but mostly we were just praising God for neurosurgeons, medical zaniness and a family who chose to faithfully trust God and bring Him glory via their attitudes during a pretty scary time.

It was an honor and privilege to pray for you guys! Thank you for your passionate witness!

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