Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outshining The Moon

It was getting dusk as we finished up our run the other night and I kept pointing the moon out to Mebbie as we skirted through the trees. It was big. And bright. And cool looking.

I tried to capture it but failed.... cuz I'm a poopy photographer.

But I did capture something BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL . Another one of God's awesome creations on display that night. And she made the moon seem dim in comparison.

Keep on shining Mebbie!

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Tymm said...

to the uninformed, angry, ignorant Anonymous person who left a comment today - I would be MORE than happy to engage in a conversation around your feelings about adoption - but you have to leave a way for me to communicate with you.

Otherwise - I don't believe that even YOU believe what you are saying.

I am sorry for your hurt and pain - but you are way off in painting with such a broad stroke ALL of adoption.

You clearly know who I am. Tell me who you are and let's deepen this conversation...