Wednesday, February 13, 2013

She's a Thief

I don't know where she has it. Her pocket? In a shoe? Back of her closet? Under the couch? Under the bed? I dunno...

But she has my heart somewhere.

56 months ago to the day - she was placed in our arms like a Holy ointment to some hearts that were HURTING. And what'd she do? She went and stole it from me.

Today I met her and Mebbie and Laura at Target and she caught sight of me and came sprinting - all the way down an entire aisle and just threw herself into my arms screaming:

We did our spin and then scooped up her sister trailing right behind her. Then I shook her a bit - but my heart didn't fall out.

She's got it somewhere. And I can't think of a better keeper.

Daddy loves ya Meron!

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