Saturday, March 16, 2013


What's that Mebbie is holding and cheesing about? That's one of the thank you cards her and Meron are working on...

Usually I can't even say the word "Gratitude" without thinking about the Beastie Boys - but right now - we are kinda swimming in it... gratitude that is.

See - this referral for our man Zechariah came a LOT faster than we thought it might - I mean like WAY FASTER. And we actually tossed the words "fund raisers" around which gives both Laura and I hives - we HATE the idea of asking people for money (for us I mean - for hungry, less fortunate folks across the globe? We'll ask all day!!)...

And I think we are gonna be just fine cuz we truly believe that God funds what He favors - but this past week we got TWO totally unsolicited and VERY GENEROUS checks in the mail towards our adoption. We were both floored.

You guys know who you are out there - and I know you and your humility - you're probably cringing at this post that doesn't even name ya... but please... know this: we are grateful beyond measure for your generous donation, your kind hearts and your encouraging actions. THANK YOU FOR BEING THE CHURCH!!

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