Thursday, March 21, 2013

Her Heart

I love this girl's heart. i mean - I just adore it... (self portrait by the way)...

I can't even remember what she did - but the other day Meron got in a little trouble for something. Nothing major - my guess it was whining or not listening or something. It didn't register as huge to me. I think it did to her though. A little later she came to me with an envelope and said:

"Here daddy - this is for you..."
And she handed it to me. This is what was in it...

It was a card she had made me while in her room... this was the front...

And this was the back.

I absolutely love that on her own accord (after seeking some spelling assistance) she went and did this.

God knows she has been on the receiving end of my heartfelt apologies after I have messed up (often). It makes my heart just swell thinking she is getting this. It's a huge lesson for a 5 year old kid who pretty much thinks that the sun rotates in orbit around her head.

Without analyzing it to death - lets just say it made this dad super proud of one little girl.

Keep it up Meron! You'll never go wrong with a heart that is willing to apologize!

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