Saturday, March 23, 2013

MegaBus Hoffman

Meet the newest member of Camp Hoffman - that's MegaBus Hoffman up there who just joined the family yesterday after I rode the bus up to Nashville and drove it back down to Atlanta.

Let me rewind a second and tell ya 'bout this massive blessing we just received. About 9 months ago some friends in Nashville came to us and said

"Hey - we want to help you guys buy a car!"
Uh... wait, what?

Yep - we had heard correctly. See - we have some super friends with some GIGANTIC hearts and they knew we were bringing home another little Hoffman and they also knew we were rolling in a 1996 200sx and a 2001 Xterra and neither could really hold another car seat. And this is what people who are so giving and generous do - they help people!

We were humbled and floored. And these guys weren't just talking the talk. Over the next several months our friends at Providence Auto Group scoured the southeast looking for the best ride for our little camp. And then they found it. A 2010 Honda Odyssey.. and these guys even scooped a "Touring Edition" so this thing is like a mack daddy of vans. it's way more car than we have ever had (remember - I said 1996 200sx!).

Here's two of the many friends who made this thing happen. So incredibly blessed to know them all...

Meron has been SUPER excited about this van. She has been very worried about where we were going to put Zechariah when he got home. She SOOOO wanted to ride the bus to Nashville with me to get it.

I got home to ATL after midnight and the whole fam was asleep. I woke up to Meron at my bedside talking about:
"Can I go see the van? Puh-lease daddy can I go see the van?!"
She sat in it in the garage for about 30 minutes. She is in love...

We cruised around in it today and everybody was floored at how much room we have.

These two were extra pumped up!

And don't worry - I didn't trade in my ManCard for a VanCard. I'll probably be rolling in the Xterra now. But i'll tell ya what - there's a huge sense of relief to know the most important things in the world to you are rolling around in some reliable transportation now.

All you crazy, big-hearted loving, caring friends who made this happen - THANK YOU for blessing us in ways we couldn't have imagined!

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NaCole said...

SO awesome to see God provide! And even more awesome when He chooses to use friends as part of the blessing.

Too great...