Sunday, March 10, 2013

Restless Hearts

We've been down this road a couple times and one thing we've learned is this - our hearts stay a little restless til our kids are home with us. Oh - don't get me wrong - we trust God has them - we pray that prayer every single night. But our hearts just stay a little... agitated. Restless til our family is under one roof.

So days like today are PRICELESS to us. We received an email with a bunch of video and pictures from a friend who had traveled recently and got to spend some time with our guy. Priceless I say.

That's the girls up there checking out their little brother. They are so in love already...

And then there's this little bit of audio below here - check out our little man saying "da da!"

This stuff here is like a hug directly from God around our restless hearts. The whole family felt it tonight...

We're trying to be patient Zechariah - but we're ready to have these conversations in person!

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