Friday, April 12, 2013

Daddy Daughter Friday

I was one rich man this evening... I had the privilege of taking these two cuties out on a date for some Daddy-Daughter time!

We went and saw this - The Croods - and lemmee tell ya... if you're the dad of daughters - take them to see this! What an awesome love story about a dad's undying, protective love for his daughter. And it's really funny...

At one point one of the characters says to Grug (the dad), something along the lines of "That's what dads do! They protect their daughters!" - and Mebbie yells out - and I mean YELLS out in the theater:

"That's what you do daddy! You keep me and Meron safe!"
Sweetest thing ever... super loud and probably annoying to those around us... but WHO CARES?

We had a great time - went during the cheap hour, shared some popcorn and were home in time for dinner... seriously my best Friday in a LONG time.

I absolutely adore any minute I get to spend with these girls. Cuz... ya know... birds of a feather... flock together!

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