Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Six Little Words

We were sitting in Zaxby's about to dig in to some chicken fingers when she said it. Laura had gone running straight from church and I took the girls for lunch. We paid, prayed and were about to start munching when Meron looked me in the eyes and said:

"Daddy... thank you for adopting me."
I ain't gonna lie - it caught me off guard. My heart skipped a little and if the pollen wasn't so bad and my allergic eyes weren't already watering - you might have seen a tear or two.

I pulled it together and said:
"Baby girl - you don't EVER have to thank me for adopting you. Before there was a you and before there was a me - God was putting our lives together and this is where we are. So don't thank me... thank God!"
She was munching chicken fingers at this point and eye-balling the dessert that came with it but she said:
"Well - I am still happy you did adopt me and I wanted to say thank you..."
She never ceases to amaze me. Matter of fact - kids in general amaze me regularly. I sometimes think - with as much emphasis as the Bible places on the importance of children to Jesus - that they are really just angels on this earth - teaching us hardened older kids how to behave and how to love God.

And that is EXACTLY what she did to me on Sunday. She drove home the Gospel, prayer and what our worship and praise of our heavenly Father should look like in SIX SIMPLE WORDS:
"Daddy... thank you for adopting me."
And so in turn... I say... "God (daddy) - thank you for adopting me."

And even more - thank you for caring so much about my heart and soul and place in eternity that you gave me the incredible blessing of being daddy to two little girls that encompass so much of what it means to love.

Lord - give me the wisdom to never miss what you have placed right before my eyes.

Thanks once again Meron - for teaching, guiding and modeling love for your old, slow-to-learn daddy!


Brandi said...

What an unforgettable moment! Are there any updates on when you guys will be heading to Ethiopia for the court trip? We will be praying for you guys!

Tymm said...

No updates yet Brandi - we're thinking maybe May sometime. We'll likely post it here as soon as we hear about it!

Thanks so much for praying - we appreciate that more than you know...