Monday, April 22, 2013

We Believe

Adoption is hard. I mean - even at its smoothest - it's HARD. Satan hates it to the core and will do everything he can to thwart it. To stop it. To make it fail.

Don't believe me? Just look around... the world questions everything about it. The world doubts it. The world belittles it, marking it as plan B. The world writes books claiming to know the deep dark secrets about it. The world works hard at refusing to see it for what it is - a rugged but mirrored image of the Gospel - redemption at its fullest.

You'd think after going down this road a few times we'd be ready for whatever. We're not. We never really are... And today we ran smack into our first hurdle in trying to get Zechariah home. It came out of left field and caught us off-guard... even knocking the wind out of us for a minute.

But we got our breath back. I handed the girls those signs tonight and they asked what they said - when I told them what they said - Mebbie asked: "But what do we believe?"

Well Mebbie - tonight, we are believing:

  • That God is in absolute control
  • That this adoption is supposed to happen
  • That our emotions are okay - we're humans - and sometimes stuff sucks
  • That prayer works and He always answers
  • That we are NOT in control and will stop trying to be
  • That God loves us - even in our imperfect and impatient state
  • That our entire family will be under one roof in God's timing - and IT WILL BE GOOD.
When it was time to pray tonight - we went round our family circle (Meron passed out on my chest) and were almost done when Mebbie whispered: "I have one more."

We nodded her the go-ahead and she said:
"God - thank you for this day - and I ask that you are with Zechariah's birthmom. Thank you that she is safe. And that she is healthy. And thank you that Jesus takes care of her and that she gets to where she needs to be. in Jesus name. Amen."
And she said it with such Holy Confidence. No surprise though because that seemed to be the theme of the evening.

Earlier tonight, Laura was emptying the dryer and she had been praying when she just opened her mouth and said those two little words: "Holy Confidence." No prompting, no reason. She just said them.

As she came back upstairs she realized a text message had just come in while she was down there. It was from a close friend and prayer warrior - and she just wanted to encourage Laura today about our adoption and she said she has just had this incredible peace about it all and then she she said she had a "Holy Confidence" about it. She had typed those words just about the same time Laura had muttered them downstairs.

The Holy Spirit is here for us - God has entrusted it to us - and He shows Himself through it to us so often.

So tonight - among all the other things we are believing in - we are choosing to believe in the Holy Confidence we have in Jesus Christ.

Without that - nothing else matters...


Tara Clapper said...

Constant inspiration flowing out of Camp Hoffman. Thank you for sharing your story. Praying circles with y'all!!

Tymm said...

Tara! Your prayer support is SO appreciated - and don't get me started on inspiration - your heart is a model for it... we're praying for you as well!