Friday, May 31, 2013

'Ole Creepy One Eye

Mebbie doesn't believe us when we tell her she often sleeps with her eyes (or at least one eye) open...

Now we got the proof! You see that eye? She is in a DEAD slumber right there!

Sometimes it's a LOT more open this this - I am often fooled into thinking she's awake...


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Balloon Head

Title says it all!

Thanks balloon guy for hooking us up when we had no cash to tip ya!

You're a good man...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Morning After

My and my crew the morning after "partying hard" (a.k.a. eating some ice cream and watching movies late...)

Laura was the only one with the sense to go to bed at a reasonable hour...

It was fun girls!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Naked Homie

Our resident elder went and got his regular summer cut today. He's an indoor dweller so all that fur and undercoat just make him stuffy and uncomfortable. I know this picture doesn't show it - cuz the stress of being at the groomer had him whooped - but when he gets his trim he acts all puppy-ish... not like the 13 year old eldery statesman he is.

This dude is SERIOUSLY loved by the girls here...

ALL of them!

God - I know our guy is getting old - and I know he won't be with us forever - but thank you so much for the past few years with him. Watching the girls grow to love him SO MUCH has been a serious joy...

We love ya Clay Bear!

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Club of Two

I took Meron for her first official motorcycle ride today. She was LOVING it and is all the way in...

We're tossing around the idea of a pretty exclusive motorcycle club... 2 members (us). Leather jackets, dues, official rides... the whole nine yards.

After the ride she said:

"I like hanging out with you daddy..."
The feelings are mutual, clubmate. The feelings are mutual...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our Kind of Vacation

We don't get to go on too many traditional vacations. It's just kinda the way the ball bounces when the ransom for your children is so stinking financially high and requires ya stockpiling your vacation days for travel overseas. But we make do!

2 years ago - right before Mebbie came home - Laura, Meron and I went to spend the day in Chattanooga. It was a blast and since we're on the cusp of bringing home Zechie - we decided to do it again!

It was a surprise for the girls and they were pumped! We started off riding the carousel - Laura snapped pics cuz spinning in circles isn't festive to her...

The girls rode horses... me? I rode a fish at Meron's command. Don't ask...

Fish or horse... it didn't matter - we loved it!

Next up? Swimming suits and splash pads baby!

They were loving it!

The joy on their faces was unmistakable!

And pretty sure this look NEVER left Meron's face!

Cuz she was WINNING!

Then Mebbie rode a horse...

so of course so did Meron!

At one point, Mebbie got disoriented from all the spraying water and was wandering in circles - a little lost. We turned it into a photo op...

Next it was a quick dry off, change clothes and a quick pizza lunch before we walked across the cool pedestrian bridge to the downtown Chattanooga area.

We only needed one break too!

Once across we headed STRAIGHT to a playground cuz Meron was DEADSET on swinging!

Mebbie was too!

Even Mommy joined in on that fun...

There was exploring...

Some more swinging...

And even some... flying??

Then - there was this crazy spinning seat thing that was AWESOME!

Meron kept spinning so fast until she had to scream out "HELP ME!"

While I headed back to grab the van so the girls didn't have to do the long walk again - they partook in a little Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

Next they cozied up to a horse who proceeded to take us on a quick tour of downtown...

Of course we get the one carriage driver who has a sister who has adopted 3 times so the conversation was right up our alley!

We climbed some mountainous steps simply because they were there...

And then everybody was starting to show some fatigue!

We packed up - and said our goodbyes to Chattanooga. After a brief snooze for both girls we had a quick dinner at Cracker Barrel and then finished the trip home...

The girls got their baths, hugged on Clay Bear a bit and then got tucked in after some prayers and some kisses.

Then the real fun began. Laura and I quickly assembled some ice cream sundaes, set the Pandora KidzBop station to STUPID LOUD and started dancing our faces off to "All The Single Ladies!"

The goal was to see how long it would take one of the girls to come out of their room to see what was happening.

It took Meron about 30 seconds - with a stunned, confused look she asked:

"What's going on?"
and all I said was "Come dance!" - she leaned in to the bedroom and yelled
"Come on Mebbie - it's dance time not bed time!"

And then an all-out dance party ensued.

I am pretty sure the girls thought that we had finally lost our minds. Best part was - it took 'em no time to lose their minds with us!

After a couple songs they spotted the ice cream - TRULY thought we had lost it - but proceeded to scarf it down. Meron's comment was:
"I don't think we've ever had two ice creams in one day!"
After the ice cream - the girls got to pick a movie and watch it - late night fun with them never gets old!

Quote of the night came from Meron when she said:
"Zechie ain't coming home to some boring sitting around family. He's coming home to a crazy family... and he's gonna love it!"
Girl we hope so. We really, really do...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Look At Us - We're Twins!

They came marching out in the driveway in their bare-feet and jammies and declared:

"Look at us! We're twins!"
And truthfully - sometimes i think they are...

These two love each other in an almost unfathomable way...

Don't get me wrong...

They are as unique as can be.

But they also connect on an almost spiritual level... And it's just an incredible blessing to be around it.

I learn so much every day simply by watching the way they love...

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Week Caught Up (and Won!)

We all had a crazy, fast-paced week. And this Friday evening - it caught up with us...

Some more than others...

I'm with ya Meron - a floor never felt so good!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Three Musketeers

These two are in LOVE with Clay Bear...

Especially Meron - she simply cannot get enough of him.

And Clay? Well... he tolerates them. Oh - don't get me wrong - he loves them back.

But he mostly tolerates them.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Walk To Africa

After a lot of talk about where Mommy would be in Africa this summer and how there'd be no way we could show up to surprise her (Meron's idea) because it just costs too much... Meron sent me this Voxer message the other day of her playing guitar and singing an original song she wrote...

Keep singing and writing songs girl!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Enjoys Playing Peek-A-Boo

5 years ago today, we passed court and officially became the parents of a little girl named Meron Asher Hoffman. 5 YEARS! Seems like yesterday...

On that same day we got an update from our agency and I remember it saying that she "enjoys playing peek-a-boo..."

She still does.

So much has happened over those 5 years Meron - and one thing that has been consistent throughout - our love for you has grown bigger every single day.

You've helped ease the pain of some hearts that were hurting and opened our eyes to SO MUCH. Our family owes quite a bit of who we are today to you and your precious life. Thank you.

5 big years Meron. We'll keep remembering it until we're celebrating in eternity! We love you big girl!